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Metal Core PCB Capability

To let you understand our capability quickly.

Item:  Capability: 
Product Types:  1-8L(Al, Cu);2-24L(Heatsink, Sweat bonding, Buried metal);1-2L (Ceramic),AL:1100/1050/2124/5052/6061;Cu:c11000; Iron
Laminates:  Totking(T-110, T-111), Ventec(VT-4A1, VT-4A2, VT-4A3), Laird(1KA04, 1KA06), Bergquist(MP06503, HT04503), TACONIC(TLY-5, TLY-5F)
Thermal glue thickness (dielectric layer):  3-6mil
PCB thickness:  0.02"-0.2"
PCB size (Finished):  Max: 24"*24", Min: 0.2"*0.2" 
Copper Thickness:  H OZ – 10 OZ 
Thermal conductivity:  0.3-3w/m.k(Heatsink, Al, Cu);8.33w/m.k(Sweat bonding);0.35-3w/m.k(Buried metal);24-180 w/m.k(Ceramic)
Buried copper block size: 0.118" * 0.118" -- 2.756" * 3.15" 
Buried copper block drop tolerance:  ±1.6mil 
Min gap between hole wall and Buried copper block 12mil
Min finished hole size & tolerance :  NPTH: 20±2mil; PTH: 40±4mil(for Al-substrate , Cu-substrate), 8±4mil (for Heatsink, Sweat bonding, Buried metal) 
Solder mask :  White, Black, Green, Blue, Red
Metal partial surface treatment: Cu:Plating Ni & Au ; Al:Anodic oxidation , Hard anodic oxidation coating, Chemical passivation; Physical treatment:Sandblasting, Wire drawing
Surface Finishing: Leaded HASL/Lead free HASL; OSP; ENIG; ENEPIG; Plating(Ni)Soft/Hard gold; Plating Sn