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IC Substrate Capability

To let you understand our capability quickly.

Item:  Capability: 
Product Types:  1-8L, Coreless, MSAP, Ultra-thin
Laminates:  BT, Mitsubishi, Doosan, Hitachi
Board Thickness;  0.08mm-2mm
Copper Thickness:  H OZ – 2 OZ 
Largest Finished Size:  400 × 550mm
Drilling: Mechanical 0.1mm, Laser 0.06mm 
Line Width/Spacing:  0.02/0.02mm 
Trace to Via Pad 30um
Min Ring:  0.1+0.08mm 
Min BGA :  0.15mm 
Solder mask :  Taiyo AUS 308, 410, SR1
Bond Finger:  Width 35um, Pitch 75um, Spacing 20um
Solder Mask Thickness  15-30um, Flatness Max 5 um 
Surface Finishing: OSP, EPEIG, Soft Gold, Hard Gold