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FPC & Rigid-flex Capability

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Item:  Capability: 
Product Types:  2-20L, HDI Hybrid Lamination,Air Gap, Fly tail.
Laminates:  FCCL (adhesive), FCCL (adhesiveless), NO FLOW PP, FR4, Halogen Free, High TG, Low Loss, High Speed
Board Thickness;  0.2mm-4.0mm
Copper Thickness:  H OZ – 4 OZ 
Largest Finished Size:  400 × 550mm
Drilling: Blind/Buried Hole,Half PTH,Smallest PTH:0.1mm and Biggest PTH:6.5mm 
Line Width/Spacing:  0.05/0.05mm 
Surface Finishing: OSP、HASL、Flash Gold、ENIG、Immersion Tin、Immersion Silver, Flux、Gold Finger(Hard Gold) ,EPEIG 
Aspect Ratio:  18:1 
stiffener :  PI, FR4, Metal(Aluminum, Copper) 
Solder mask :  green, black, blue, red, matte green, white, Purple
Via Treatment:  Tented, Plug, resin fill, copper paste fill, silver paste fill, POFV, VIPPO 
Board Wrap / Twist:  According to IPC-A-600G Standard. :0.75%[max] 
Testing: Impedence Test、Open-short Test、Flying Probe Test、High-Pot Test;